CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. (CONsultants IN EduCaTIONal Services) offers professional development in all aspects of differentiation and gifted education through school systems and institutes. The goal of CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. is to provide top quality, up-to-date training tailored to the needs of participants that is both accessible and affordable to individual teachers or school systems and that creates positive outcomes for the growth of all students.               

CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. provides direct training as well as curriculum consultation and development to improve overall school performance. Title I schools seeking to improve all students' achievement have benefited greatly from CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc.'s collaborative services.


  • Maximizing the Common Core Standards for Every Learner
  • Making Instruction Relevant to the World and the Student

  • Tiering Assignments to Meet All Needs

  • Learning Contracts: Key to Successful Differentiation

  • Concept-Based Themes: Reorganizing Curriculum Around Essential Ideas

  • Minimizing Stress/Maximizing Learning in the Classroom: Growth Mindsets

  • Brain-Based Strategies for Teaching and Learning: Effective Memory and Review

  • Introduction to Gifted Education          

  • Curriculum Differentiation for the Gifted        

  • Methods and Models in Gifted Education        

  • Seminar Instruction for the Gifted        

  • Developing Critical Thinking: Modifying Lessons to Incorporate Affective and Cognitive Strategies       

  • Developing Creative Thinking: Three Orientations with Measurable Results      

  • Making Every Minute Count: Managing for Maximized Instruction for All

  • Developing Secondary Honors Course Portfolios

  • Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted        

  • Underachieving/LD Gifted Students         

  • Underserved Populations in Gifted Education Programs        

  • Problem Based Learning for the Gifted        

  • Research Techniques and Independent Study for the Gifted        

  • Current Trends and Resources in Gifted Education        

  • Differentiating for Middle School Gifted in Math        

  • Differentiating for Middle School Gifted in Language Arts

  • Collaborative Teaching and Planning for the Gifted

  • Parenting to Develop Every Child's Abilities

In conjunction with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, CONNECTIONS-NC also provides training in TIME TO TEACH, a one-day training for whole faculties or individual teachers that maximizes instructional time and minimizes anything that detracts from it. By gaining TIME TO TEACH, teachers can then differentiate for each learner's needs.

Delivery Options:

  • Weekend courses or workshops        

  • Weekday courses or workshops

  • Summer workshops and courses       

  • Single workshops or presentations        

  • Consortium arrangements with neighboring school systems


  • Educators seeking add-on licensure in gifted education        

  • Regular classroom teachers        

  • AG specialists seeking licensure renewal        

  • Administrators        

  • Guidance counselors

  • Parents

Services Provided:

  • Consulting and coordinating personnel preparation for short and long-range planning        

  • Matching school division needs with highly qualified presenters from throughout the Southeast

  • Scheduling, contracting, and paying presenters        

  • Maintaining communication with LEA contact person and presenters concerning schedules and arrangements        

  • Sequencing and ensuring continuity of personnel preparation in gifted education        

  • Feedback and tabulation of evaluations