Research Techniques and Independent Study

Independent Study Program In addition to giving clear explanations for types of research, this site offers insight into the benefits of independent study and research for underachieving gifted learners. It also offers a wealth of independent study topics. [] 

Product Differentiation and Evaluation This site explores project-based learning with multimedia products, critical evaluations and rubrics.  It provides ideas and possibilities for long-term individual and small group investigations, as well as ways to evaluate products. [] 

Evaluating Sources This web site offers fabulous lesson plans for teaching students how to evaluate web sites. It even sets up a tutorial for students using three different topics. [] 

Research Process Helper A terrific site for teaching and managing independent study skills! The site offers a primary level and an advanced (3-8) level of independent study that walks students through the steps using Bloom's taxonomy as a foundation. It even has forms for students to give feedback to the teacher.[]

Connecting Math to Our Lives Project Terrific site for developing independent study and research projects in math related to bilingual education, social justice and cultures around the world.[] 

The Math Forum Math Projects and Independent Studies about all aspects of math at different grade levels![]