Curriculum Ideas by Content Areas


Math resources to teachers, parents and students, including terrific literature selections correlated with CCSS for math instruction.

Tiered Math Lessons [] - Fabulous examples given at middle and high school math levels!

Biographies of Women Mathematicians [] 

Geometry and Physics  Build geometric figures, apply physics, and test your character. [] 

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora Excellent site for studying African-American history. [] C

Puzzle of the Week  Advanced math contest. [

Problem of the Week and Differentiated Skill Level Worksheets to Create:

The Math  Forum Student Center Superb resource for problems and projects at all levels. [ ]

 Cool Math Activities:

Math Puzzles and Problems  Middle/High School. [] 

The MATHMAN This site gives tiered math lessons that could start with six year olds and go to high school. Divided into topical chapters ranging from "Area and Perimeter" to "Functions and Graphs." []

Math Activities, Puzzles, and Math History Materials [] 

 Mathemagica Math Tools  Terrific tools for teaching number sense, algebra and geometry from Mathemagica (from the Jason Project). []

Free math and other content area materials, not necessarily for the gifted:

Language Arts

Literature Studies to Foster Critical Thinking Literature units to foster critical thinking in elementary gifted learners, including rubrics for evaluation, alignment with Bloom's taxonomy, and internet connections.[]


Social Studies

Lesson Plans Using Library of Congress and Primary Sources [] 

Political and Editorial Cartoons with Lesson Plans []

Differentiated Lesson Plans and Ideas This site, created in Great Britain, has wonderful resources, including games and activities. It even has quizzes on various historical periods. One example, "Fling the Teacher," requires students to answer questions correctly on the Medieval Period in order to build a trebuchet. It also has seminars. Good for grades 6-12. []