Teaching/Learning Strategies: Critical Thinking


Paideia Seminars:  This is the official site with lots of resources for constructing Socratic questioning. [ http://www.paideia.org/]

Elements of Critical Thought (Center for Critical Thinking) : This interactive website reflects the elements of critical thinking developed by Dr. Richard Paul at the Center for Critical Thinkinghttp://edtech.twinriversusd.org/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1301751355118

Microsoft Teaching Guide on Critical Thinking: The critical thinking guide offers three levels of coursework for middle school and high school students  http://www.pil-network.com/Resources/Tools/Details/ebbb3e4d-462b-49ca-b969-15e86721a443

Brain Training through Lumosity: http://www.lumosity.com/landing_pages/425

Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies [http://www.connections-nc.com/critical_and_creative_thinking_strategies.htm]

Learning Styles vs. Teaching Styles This site links to an on-line learning style inventory through NCSU, but also includes research concerning teaching and learning styles and their relationship.[http://www.sosu.edu/cidt/briefs/tb1.htm]

Sample Remodeled Lesson Plans with Critical Thinking Strategies Built In This site has samples of lesson plans using Dr. Richard Paul's 35 teaching strategies. Lessons are divided by K-3, 4-6, 6-9 and 9-12, and can be downloaded and printed.[http://www.criticalthinking.org/resources/articles/#Teaching]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Lesson Plans Lesson plans incorporating higher order thinking with rock music and pop culture.[http://www.rockhall.com/programs/plans.asp]

Critical Thinking through Literary Studies: http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/ctp/literarystudies.htm

Persuasive Thinking/Writing and Visual Learners This site on neurolearning offers a terrific lesson plan for visual learners, asking them to examine one of three pictures (provided on the site) and develop a debate from one perspective. For example, a picture of a factory is given, and the students are to develop their debate from the perspective of the factory owner or environmentalists.[http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/21stcent/lmpersuasion.html]

Brain-Based Learning This site on neurolearning offers articles on everything from ADD to autism to learning styles, including terrific lesson plans addressing varying learning styles. [http://www.neurolearning.com/]

Persuasion and Changing Minds This site provides disciplines, techniques, principles and specific strategies involved in changing another person's thinking. The power of persuasion, as well as loopholes in critical thought such as overgeneralization, are explored, and ideas are very condusive to lesson plans for students. [http://changingminds.org/]

Thinking Skeptically PESTS (Psychologists Educating Students to Think Skeptically) developed this intriguing site filled with lesson ideas and lesson plans for teaching critical thinking in all disciplines.[http://www.sc.maricopa.edu/sbscience/pests/activities.html]