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Executive Director, CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc.




CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. (CONsultants iN  EduCaTIONal Services) provides top-quality, up-to-date professional development for teachers and school systems. We specialize in all aspects of differentiation and gifted education. Our goal is to provide accessible, affordable training tailored to your needs.

EXAMPLES OF PRODUCTS FROM TRAINING:  To see examples of products created by teachers as a result of  CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. training, go to 

VIDEOS:  To see videos of teachers trained by CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. discussing and demonstrating tiered assignments, go to:

 What Is Tiering 

  How To Implement Tiering      

  How Does Tiering Benefit Teachers -

VIDEOS: To see videos of teachers trained by CONNECTIONS-NC, Inc. demonstrating differentiation based on real-life perspectives, go to                 

Differentiation Using Real-life Perspectives


"Linda Robinson's session is transforming my teaching."  - Guilford County Teacher

"I cannot properly express how much I have learned from you and your staff.  This has been a very rewarding and informational time for me.  I have learned so many techniques that I can and have used in the classroom.  My students can't thank you so I will for them - you have made me a better teacher. " - Catawba County Teacher

"I can't help but look at my students in a different manner, looking to see if I can find the right button to push to inspire them.  My classroom has been constantly changing as I worked my way through the program.  You only opened my toolbox - I still have a lot of techniques to learn so I can put them in it.  But at least now I know what questions to ask and where to look for answers." - Catawba County Teacher

"I have to tell you, as I've told so many others that are pursuing their AIG certification, CONNECTIONS was ABSOLUTELY the best training I've ever had! " - New Hanover County Teacher

"This is the 1st time in my tenure that I've had this many e-mails, positive comments, etc. from participants.  Your organization was splendid, the materials were first rate and your delivery was incomparable.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I want you to know that you've made a huge difference in the lives of gifted children.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." - NAGC Professional Development Chair, 2006